Saturday, February 21, 2009

Of Ends and New Beginnings



Its less of a mouthful if you ask me =P

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cons His Way Thru Classes

Augmentation Method

Kamu pergi pasar dengan niat nak beli sabun, kamu ade pilihan antara sabun A dan sabun B, Kamu memilih untuk membeli sabun B kerana ianya ada diskaun. Adakah ini satu contoh Augmentation Method?

Reply from lecturer : Nanti I pikir pasal jawapan itu

 When You Don't Know What To Say,

Make Stuff Up,

When You Choose To Make Stuff Up,

Make Sure Its Intelligent Enough To Make People Think

Friday, January 9, 2009

Of Responsibilities

UiTM Kedah’s Law Society held its elections for the society’s High Committee…

As always, before the election date, there is always the manifesto, a place and time for candidates to lay out their promises for the society, and now, I’m am going to review some of the things said by certain candidates… or rather a gist of what they said…

Do not elect and extraordinary person, instead elect someone ordinary who’s dedicated

Normally I’d agree to such a statement, but due to recent occurrences, I believe that we need extraordinary leaders to do things that no ordinary person would, one who sees slightly further than other, a man of pure talent and intellect. You put someone like that in a position of power, and make him serve the needs of any organization. Imagine that person leading a group of “ordinary” people.

I shall ensure that we shall be unified, and with unity shall we ensure that the projects planned shall happen

In my personal opinion, this is as mislead as anyone will ever get. Though admittedly most activities planned have different objectives and aims, one can never deny that a single omnipresent element exists within every single activity. Simply put, these activities and projects is what unite us. Here, we provide a ground for groups of people to interact with one another, and from that and only that can we foster unity. Hence, the belief that one has to unite the whole group before one can carry out activities is mislead.

Personally, it’s been a while, and those are the only memorable manifestos for me. Everything else is either unmemorable or lack controversial merit. But still, the best manifesto goes to the Sports and Recreational EXCO member.

My personal manifesto was considerably controversial. Personally, I refused to use the opportunity to make huge promises – which I believe some were relatively erroneous and misleading if not borderline impractical – to the society with beautiful words and flowery language, instead, I used to opportunity to tell the society what I personally am capable of. To enlighten them of the background of the person they would entrust to lead them. To those who had faith in me, I thank you, for those who didn’t think I deserved their support, watch me lead and convince you otherwise.

Elected as of January 8, 2009 – Vice-President of UiTM Kedah’s Law Society


January 10, 2009.

Debate and public speaking society will be holding its Annual General Meeting, we welcome old members with open arms, and the new with a warm welcome.

Elected as of January 10, 2009 – President of UiTM Kedah’s Debate and Public Speaking Society

People say leaders are made and not born, I am a living proof that contradicts that belief

 Malaysians have an uncanny ability to shy away from responsibilities,

I am the few who don't

I thank you for your support

In Hoc Signo Velices

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Random Blurbs

The wonderful thing bout iPod's
 - They drown out everything else you don't wanna hear

The wonderful thing bout Shure noise canceling earphones
 - They make sure the stuff you don't wanna hear remain unheard of

Walking around KLCC in a pair of Shure SE110, it was 1300 hrs, it was packed, and the only thing I heard was Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody playing on my iPod... ain't that amazing? :P

Perks working in an Apple Store eh?

I sure pity Haji Taib... they named a couple of roads after him, and look at what happened... The irony of it all...

The wonderful thing about friendship? Its more legal than stalking ;)

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Fundamental Flaw

I have come to realize a flaw within my being...

I am always looking forward to something else to challenge myself with...

To push myself beyond my limits...

To continuously outdo myself...

KL's Best Actor Award 2007

VC Cup 2008

GPA for Semester 1 2008

In all occasions I fared considerably well, better than the person next to me at least...

When others would rejoice at such feats, me a feeling of overwhelming happiness sweeps over me for a few minutes, and then I shall look for something else to test my abilities with...

KL Best Actor 2007 - A few hours later I was aiming to win the national championships

VC Cup 2008 - Ranked 16, A few minutes later I was planning on how best to train the teamand myself to win the VC Cup for Kedah before I go to Shah Alam

GPA for Semester 1 - Got of with a 4.0 GPA, 30 minutes later was aiming at achieving the same for my next semester

People would say having a goal and stuff gives on purpose making life more bearable, I admit it is true, but when you do what I do, you miss out on savoring these achievements

Perhaps its for you to envy and for me to continue looking for my bane...

Round 2 Coming RIght Up

I only consider something to be over when all the cards are on the table.

I only consider something to be over when no details are kept hidden.

So long as you leave me hanging, I shall consider it to be unfinished business.

I'm one presistant cockroach, I refuse to roll over and die.

Term 1 of Foundation in Law UiTM is finally over me.

Results were released on the December 18

And this is a recap of my achievements for the past term:

Festival of Independence Debate : Best Speaker; First place

VC Cup Debate : 16th Place

Final Term Results :-

BEL120 Consolidating Language Skills A+
BEL130 Communication Skills A
CSC134 Computers and Information Processing A+
MTC012 Introduction to Law 1 A+
MTC016 Introduction to Malaysian Government and Politics A+

GPA : 4.0

I appreciate the strings of congratulations everyone of you who knew and found out, I have no idea from who.

Funny how I didn't fare as well for my communication skills, ah well

Second term begins on the 30th of December.

Curtain Closes

Here We Go Again

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Now This Is Personal

There is an underlying aspect in the human nature...

A core belief or principle as to which drives one to do they things that they do...

What makes one tick so to speak...

The relentless unending pursuit for perfection

That is what drives me...

I've always been instructed to perform, and be the best in any matter to which I partake in... I've always been told to go through my exams with flying colours and that I should always be one step ahead then the other... In a manner of speaking, I was raised with the belief that being second is being the first in a long line of losers...

And this aspect of my school years was later assimilated into how I now live my life... growing up thinking that one should always be the best, made me only aim for the best in life, and settling for just enough will never be an option for me, I shall accept "just enough" as a short term solution, but I will indeed zealously attempt to get what is best, and nothing in the world will ever stop me...

For me, life's too short to settle for "just enough"

Nobody is perfect, one hell of a cliche, but it ain't gonna stop me for trying...